Shinr Holdings(PVT)Ltd

1st in South Asia showcasing how the printing industry has evolved during last 100 years. Will showcase different types of printing machines, equipment and different types of papers, which will be a museum and a research attraction. This museum will have cofee shops, fast foodss,and education for tourist to spenda minimum of 8 hours inside the premise. With the reactivation of the Valachchanei Paper Mills after 1st to 12 months of the production through 1 machinr 1,740MT of recycled paper production expected the 18th month ,the monthly production is expected to increase up to 3,190 MT per month. As a reputed manufacturer in Paper and Pulp Industry, YESVEE has a line-up of complete range of products and services needed for paper and pulp machinery. Founded in 2005, YESVEE has acquired excellence in Quality, Design and Engineering.They have reached a noticeable level in the field and will continue to producedependable products for our customers as welook forward. Yesvee Industries was founded in 2005 and we are a Partnership firm and started exporting machinery parts from 2006. Machinery parts from 2006. We are an ISO 9001 certified organisation.A machine shop/ factory with 22,000 sq. ft in-house facility in Coimbatore, India .2 Bays consisting of 10 Tonnes crane capacity in each bay. Their employer average experience in the Paper Industry- Manufacturing field is 20+ years.They will join as our partners for handing all machine operations as well as the Steam boiler. They have started exporting since 2006 to various countries like Europe, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia. Their average employer experience in the Paper Industry is 20+ years.Yesvee will be joining as our partners for handling all machine operations as well as Steam Boiler. Later adding a News Print Paper Min the 4th year (2027) monthly production of 7250MT news printing papers is expected. Which will fully carter to the country's news printing paper requirment. 25% of production is expected to be export to Europe, where there is a high demand for recycle papers.

Foreign Development Investment USD $ 20 Million

Vocational Training & Production Center

This centre will provide Vocational Training for youths, targeting on skilled labour migration Following factories will carter to the vlocal and International Markets.

A garment Factory 100 Juki Industrial Sewing Machines, Cuttting & Press departments, A production of 30,000 garments per month expected for 1st to 9 months and then increase to 39,000 garments per month there onwards 50% for exports

A Travewear Industry with 100 Sunstar Industrial Sewing Machines,Cuttting & Press departments, Embroidery machines, A production of 15,000 all types of bags out of 330D PVC to 840D PVC per month expected for 1st to 9 months and then increase to 28,000 all types of bags including wheel bags per month there onwards 50% for exports.

Foreign Development Investment USD $ 725,000

Organic Greenhouse Farming

Green houses are a great solution for organic farming which gives the complete control overclimate conditions, irrigation, fertilization, ect…which will 100% suits the conditions when farming in thouse Korala Paththu & Korala Paththu West areas. Through this development Project ,it is intended to supply greenhouse Vegiutables and fruits including, TG Mango,Drum Stick,Aloe Vera,Japanes Cucumber,Bell Pepper,ect…targeting the Tourist Hotels & Super Markets

Foreign Development Investment USD $ 100,000

Shrimp Farming

Shrimp Farming has a great potential to diversify and secure income in Pasikudah & Kalkudah areas. 3 Acres Shrimp Farming ponds around Oddamawadi Lagoon will be established to breed Tiger Prawns.

Foreign Development Investment USD $ 100,000

25 MW Solar Farm

Kalkudah Electrate Korala paththu & Korala Paththu West area are geographies with a most ideal climate for a high productive Soal farm,with its sunnyclimate throughout most of the year. This solar farm will generate 25MW with Battery back up , which will be usedfor the Tourisum Intergrated Development project 3.5 MW and remaing will be intergrated to the main Grid , via the Valachchenei Grid Substation situated in the Land owned by the Paper Mills comes under the Treasury.

Foreign Development Investment USD $ 25 Million